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Make Data-Driven Decisions Using Quality, Integrated Data

Make Data-Driven Decisions Using Quality, Integrated Data

  • February 8, 2018
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Data-driven decision making is an important topic among organizations across industries and country borders. Behind this enthusiasm are the many success stories highlighting extracting value from data.  These stories are being made possible by the wealth of data available in today’s business environment – both from publicly available sources and from commercial data brokers – and the increasing variety and maturity of Big Data technologies used to extract and analyze data.

There is a broad consensus among organizations that quality, integrated data is an important topic, and one that is already being addressed at least to some extent by most organizations. So why is it that data quality problems persist and result in concerns about the validity of data-driven decision making?

The answer, as with many complex business topics, can be traced back to strategy. Data is no longer a by-product of the various business processes–if this ever was the case–but a strategic resource, the handling of which defines success in the digital world and requires a strategy of its own.

Our proposition rests on the belief that having a defined and centralized data strategy is the starting point for building successful digital business initiatives.  As with any other strategy, this needs to be properly implemented across the organization to create value. We help with this task by bringing to you time proven data management processes and solutions to implement them.

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