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About Astoundry

The Business of Service

People are our driving force

Who We Are

Founded in 2000, Astoundry provides business and technology consulting services for the oil and gas industry. Located in Houston, Texas, we work primarily with oil and gas operators, service providers, and software companies. We focus on specific markets and businesses we know best to deliver maximum value. We work with partners and industry collaborative initiatives. We look to provide a contribution and to share in the benefits of our collaborative work. We fully support the values of teamwork, transparency, honesty and follow the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What We Do

We have always focused on mission critical projects in the following areas: marketing, sales, mergers, acquisitions, asset sales, organization change, project management, new services, commercialization, expanding operations, workforce management, asset management, new technology, cost reductions, and regulation management. Our most important capabilities include: sales and marketing, innovation, digital transformation, strategy to execution, portfolio, program, project management, talent management, change management, process improvement, technology management, training, and research.

How We Work

Focus on People

Our #1 recommendation is to focus on the people first. We provide high quality training to develop a supportive and sharing culture and a clear understanding of the business and digital capabilities needed to support collaborative business processes and the digital business.

Simplify Processes

We focus on process as the linkage between the people and the technology. Both work best with a clearly defined simple, but not over simplified, automated process that uses technology to make available the knowledge and intelligence that support it.

Apply Technology

We focus on the business, people, process then apply the technology that generates the highest value. We engage in design-thinking to ‘think outside the box’ for customer focused solutions, then we create the most appropriate design to apply the technology in the best way.

Our Values in Pictures

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